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Christmas and Radio - Special Radio Articles and Links For Christmas

Radio-related items pertaining to Christmas including where to listen to Christmas music online, funny holiday parody songs, humorous seasonal-oriented articles, a buyer's guide for fans of Radio, additional links, and more.

Twas on the Radio Before Christmas
One of the things I like so much About.com and my position as the Radio Guide is the flexibility afforded to me when it comes to reporting, writing, commenting, and analysing the stories that come across my virtual desk and the state of the Radio industry. It's been a long time since I've written a piece in the form of a poem. But, the idea came...

My Best and Worst Radio Christmas Parties
Tis the season to be...invited via email to the office Christmas party. Some of gems, others are duds. Radio stations are businesses, too, and I've been to my share of parties over the years. I'd like to tell you about two in particular: the Best Christmas party and the Worst radio station holiday party I attended. I'd be crazy to want to repeat...

Santa's Radio Station Seeks Experienced Elves for On-Air Shifts
K-ELF, the official Christmas radio station at the North Pole has just announced special programming for the month of December. In addition, the station is seeking qualified on-air Elf personnel to fill gaps in its shrinking staff. Yes, there will be 'short' jokes. Read more. (Humor)

Top 10 Christmas Songs on Radio for 2010
ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) keeps track of the most-played holiday songs on radio each year. So far this year, "Sleigh Ride" by Leroy Anderson is #1 and "I'll Be Home for Christmas" by Amy Grant is #10. Look here to see #2 through #9.

Cutbacks at K-Elf, The Official Radio Station of Santa Claus
Today, K-ELF radio, the official radio station of Santa Claus and his workshop, announced a staff cutback due to increasing costs. The ongoing recession has decreased the amount of jingle from coins, forcing K-ELF General Manager, Shorty Stumpkins, to layoff some air-staff. Read more...

The Funny Side of Christmas Radio
There's a funny side of Christmas radio and it comes from various angles: some of the content actually on-air and online plus the Radio business itself and the humor it provides as seen by the people who work in it. Have some fun and read about the funny side of Christmas Radio.

Radio Has All Your Christmas and Holiday Music Needs
Radio is your #1 source for Christmas, Holiday, and Seasonal music. There are so many sources you can choose from including traditional, online, satellite, and more. Here are some quick links to help you find the Christmas music you're looking for.

Exclusive Christmas Interview: Inside K-ELF Radio
The recession has even hit the North Pole. Because toy requests have fallen, Santa's Elves have thrown in to start their own online radio station: K-ELF. I recently had a short conversation....I mean, uh...I spoke with their Program Director, Head Elf, about format, promotions, and more. (Humor)

Twas The Night Before Ratings - A Radio Poem
Here's a wonderful new version of a favorite holiday poem. So, gather all your radio friends together around a warm transmitter, pass the eggnog, and snuggle to keep warm as a new classic is born. More.

Radio Writes to Santa Claus
If some famous Radio people and companies had a chance to write Santa with their wish-list, what exactly would they ask for? We may never know but I've taken the liberty at a few fictitious examples which are totally satirical and bogus. And that's what we call a disclaimer, folks! See all six fake letters to Old St. Nick.

Bob Rivers: The Radio Guy Who "Twisted Christmas" For All Time to Come
Radio personality, Bob Rivers, is not only a successful at his day job but for years has been the man behind the "Twisted Christmas" series of musical parodies. I recently had a chance to ask him a few questions about his wildly successful holiday songs.

Radio Fears Return Of Annual "Grandma" Christmas Song
Don't look now, but if you turn on your radio, you will no doubt hear that "Grandma" song. Shhh...I don't want to say it too loud. You know the one I'm talking about: the hit-and-run where the old bag gets done in by the reindeer. Yeah, that's the one. We hate it and we love it. But, I promise: it's the bane of Deejays and Program Directors worldwide! Read more.

Free Radio-Themed Christmas Gift Tags You Can Print Off With Your Own Computer
If you'd like to save a little money and use some Radio-themed gift tags for your gift giving this year - try these free gift tags! All you have to do is print them off using your own computer and a thin card stock instead of paper. Learn more, see the tags.

The Top 25 Holiday Songs Played on the Radio
ASCAP, The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers has released its Top 25 Most Performed Holiday Songs for the past five years. The list is based on radio airplay. The Number 1 most performed holiday song is "The Christmas Song, (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)." Number 25 on the list is "Santa Baby", performed by Madonna. See what's in between them plus some unusual facts about a few songs on the list.

Radio Gift Giving: Books, Movies, and CDs by Radio Personalities
Looking for a book, movie or CD by your favorite Radio personality? You might find it on this list. When you click "Compare Prices", you will see the current list of options being offered by various merchants through Pricegrabber, a useful service for the shopper looking for great values.

Gift Giving: 10 CrAZy rADioS yOU DidN'T kNOw eXISTeD
There are some nutty AM/FM/CD radios out there that do more than just play music. How about one for the shower that dispenses your shampoo, too? Or the radios that look like New Beetle cars or classic Wurlitzer jukeboxes? Have a look at this crazy compilation - with pictures.

Streaming of Christmas Music Online at All-Time High
New statistics from BRS Media reveal the total number of Christmas stations streaming their Christmas music has quadrupled from just five years ago. This year online listeners can choose from nearly 200 stations that are broadcasting holiday music 24/7. Read more.

Will They Eventually Take Christmas Off Radio?
Have you noticed Christmas is under attack this year? Oddly, radio stations seem to always escape lawsuits by the ACLU and other groups interested in separation of church and state. But: radio stations are licensed by the government in the public interest. Are they next? Full Story.

Christmas On The Radio
Working in Radio during the holidays has its own special feeling. Allow me to share with you a few personal thoughts about this holiday season.

What Christmas Sounded Like On Radio In 1929
Here's a download offered by the Old Time Radio website, Radio Days. It's a 4 minute mp3 file that features the KHJ (Los Angeles) performers singing Christmas songs in 1929. It will give you a real, warm Christmas feeling.

Top 9 Audio Gifts For Radio Lovers
Great audio gift ideas for Radio lovers.

Top 9 Radio Books For Gift Giving
Great book gift ideas for Radio lovers.

Industrial Engineer Programs Popular Christmas-Formatted Internet Radio Station
Rob Schroeder is an Industrial Engineer by day and a Program Director - well, by day as well. His "Christmas Broadband" Internet Radio station has been streaming since 1999 - and continues to build a legion of fans. Read more...

Christmas Specials Online and On Satellite Radio
Your choices for holiday entertainment are quite broad from online podcasts and streams to satellite programming. Whether it's the newness of "A Geek Christmas Carol", the Old Time Radio play “Miracle on 34th Street” from December 23rd, 1949, or Hall & Oates doing Christmas favorites, it's online or on satellite. Read all about it.

Humorous Christmas Jingles from S2 Blue
Comedy 'cheese' Christmas jingles demo, produced for a variety of stations, X-rated comedy jingle demo, for Daryl Denham, Morning show comedy jingles, produced for a variety of stations." (scroll down the page a little to see them

Create Your Own Family Radio Station for Christmas
The gift that gives so much for so little: An Internet Christmas radio station customized and personalized for your family members. For less than than $50 dollars, I'll show you how to create it so family members from all over can listen in.

Christmas Parodies that Might Embarrass Radio
Christmas time always brings out a lot of parodies on the radio. But, you don't hear many parodies this time of year that target the radio industry or its weaknesses. I'm about to change that.

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