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On-Air Elves Strike and Walk Out at K-ELF Radio

A Little Holiday Levity


K-ELF Radio Logo

K-ELF Radio Logo

Graphic Credit: © Corey Deitz
Word is filtering in from way up north that the on-air staff at K-ELF (yes, the same little workers as in 'Santa's Elves') have walked out. Well, it was more of a "dance out" as the elves are known to often do a jig while walking anywhere. I spoke with the Head Radio Elf who asked not to have his real name used.

Corey: Can you tell me why all the discontent?

Head Radio Elf: Sure. Do you want the tall version or short version.

(I looked down at him, somewhat uncomfortably knowing full well an elf is only capable of a short version of anything.)

Corey: Uh, how about the full version? (I wasn't going to let this pipsqueak set me up like that!)

Head Radio Elf: Well, it all began when K-ELF got purchased by some big, corporate media company. Maybe you've heard of them? It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Channel?

Corey: I see. And what happened after the purchase?

Head Radio Elf: First, they downsized us. Are you freaking kidding me? Do we look like the kind of folks who can be downsized much more? If you downsize us much more we will just disappear!

Corey: Well, this economy has forced many businesses to tighten their belts.

Head Radio Elf: Fine. If somebody wants to tighten a belt, try starting with that big fat guy in the red suit.

Corey: Do you mean Santa Claus?

Head Radio Elf: No, I mean that bean counter corporate sent over. I asked him why he was dressed that way and he said accountants like being "in the red." Creepy, that's all I can say.

Corey: So, staff was cut. What other measures were taken?

Head Radio Elf: They stopped contributing to our 401Ho.

Corey: Is a 401Ho like a 401K?

Head Radio Elf: Yes it is. But, instead of cash, it continues to build a nest egg of candy canes, Christmas cookies, and Eggnog.

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