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The Best Online Radio for Listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra for the Holidays



Trans Siberian Orchestra, November 2007

Trans Siberian Orchestra, November 2007

Photo: Craig ONeal, Creative Commons
Each year around this time tickets go on sale for one of the best treats of the holiday season: the Trans Siberian Orchestra. TSO is probably best know for their tune "Wizards in Winter" which has been used countless times in automatic light displays which have increased in popularity in the last few years. (Check out Frisco Christmas Lights on YouTube.)

Seeing TSO live is a great experience but if you can't do that, you can always insure that your holidays are full of their music and music similar to theirs.


If you're into a heavier sound the first thing you might want to do is head over to Last.fm and create a station using the keywords "trans siberian orchestra." What you'll get is a heavy metal stream with some TSO and other bands like Dark Moor, Styx, Iced Earth, Circle II Circle, Haggard, and more.


If the result at Last.fm doesn't please you, then try using slacker.com. By typing in the same keywords you'll create a customized radio stream that features cuts from TSO, Andrea Bocelli, Yanni, Jim Brickman, and the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.

Wow, quite difference between Last.fm and Slacker.com, right? At least when I experimented with these two services this is what I got. Your results will probably vary. One possible explanation is that TSO's range is so varied from soft rock to progressive/heavy metal and each service has different criteria for picking songs.


But, there are other options. By going to iHeartRadio.com and logging in or using your Facebook log-in you can create your own station. If you type in "trans siberian orchestra" and create a personalized radio stream, you'll wind up with a customized results that plays TSO, Savatage, Mannheim Steamroller, and more.


Of course, one of the original personalized online streaming experiences is Pandora.com. When you type in the same keywords, "trans siberian orchestra,' Pandora offers you an interesting distinction. Several results appear - including "Trans Siberian Orchestra (Holiday)." If you were looking for a true holiday listening experience online Pandora nails it. This is not a soft rock, heavy metal, or anything else station. The Pandora choice gives you a complete holiday-oriented streaming station in the style of the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

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