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Talk Show Host Fired For Islam Remarks Joins Conservative Internet Radio

Dateline: 08/24/05


Controversial talk show host Michael Graham will be joining the web based conservative radio network RIGHTALK.com as of Monday August 29th. Graham, recently released from WMAL in Washington, D.C. over controversial remarks about Islam, will be hosting a daily program at noon eastern called "Michael Graham Unleashed."

He has not moved his show to KFI, as some in the media have reported.

"I'm very happy to be joining the RIGHTALK team. Webcasting on the internet frees me to say what needs to be said without censorship from over sensitive corporate suits and jittery advertisers being intimidated by hostile special interest groups," said Graham.

"I don't believe Michael intended to brand all of Islam as supporters of terrorism. However, that many people perceive militant Islamists as fundamentally supporting terrorism indicates Michael's comments were relevant and need to be discussed," said RIGHTALK Executive Producer Bob Johnson.

"We're excited to have Michael on board. He will be given a wide latitude in expressing his opinions and having those opinions openly debated and discussed in the great American tradition." Johnson added, "We invite those who agree or disagree with Michael to contact us about being a guest on his program."

"Michael Graham Unleashed" can be heard at RIGHTALK.com at noon Monday through Friday. Shows are replayed for 24 hours and are available via cell phone and podcast. Listeners can call into the show at 866-884-TALK.

- From A PRNewswire News Release

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