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Dr. Laura Celebrates 10 Years of Syndicated Radio

Dateline: 07/20/04


This month, Dr. Laura Schlessinger celebrates her 10th anniversary in nationally syndicated radio. Coming onto the national scene in July 1994, Dr. Laura stunned the industry with the rapid growth of her program -- especially in view of the conventional wisdom that women could not make it in talk radio.

She went on to become the first and only woman to win radio's Oscar, the Marconi Award. Today, "The Dr. Laura Schlessinger Program," syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, is heard daily with a nationwide listening audience of eight million, and she is consistently one of the top three rated national radio talk show hosts in the country.

When asked about her success, Dr. Laura said, "I consider it a blessing and privilege to be able to broadcast each day and touch so many lives so deeply and personally. Each call is a unique opportunity to help someone 'do the right thing,' while other listeners are moved and motivated by what they hear in a call."

Dr. Laura is also the author of seven best-selling books and president of the Dr. Laura Schlessinger Foundation, which helps hundreds of thousands of abused and neglected children nationwide.

Dr. Laura says, "One of the best things about success is being able to use one's celebrity and good fortune to help others." When she's not working, Dr. Laura competitively races sailboats, hikes, pumps iron, knits, and spends time with family and friends.

- Portions from a Premiere Radio Press Release

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