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Archived News Stories on Radio DJs and Hosts

This archive holds various news stories on high-profile DJs, Air Personalities, presenters and hosts.
  1. Famous Radio Feuds (2)
  2. Awards, Honors, Recognition (13)
  3. Controversy and Scandal (12)
  4. Fired, Hired, Transition (27)
  5. Death (8)
  6. Crime and the Law (11)

Children of Radio Deejay Casey Kasem Kept Away from Ailing Father

Dick Clark Back on TV This Year But His Roots Were in Radio
Dick Clark will return to television this year to co-host with Ryan Seacrest ABC’s 34th annual "New Year's Rockin' Eve" special on Saturday night. Some people forget – or never knew – that Clark, who is 76, began his career as a DJ. Read more.

One-On-One With Syndicated Radio Host Rusty Humphries
Rusty Humphries has been in the radio and music business for over 25 years. The nationally syndicated talk-personality is heard through The Talk Radio Network and is featured on over 250 radio stations nationwide and growing. He's also heard on both XM and Siruis Radio. What makes this guy tick? I've known Rusty for over 10 years and recently threw a few questions at him.

Syndicated Radio Host Laurie Roth Seriously Hurt in Motorcyle Accident
Seattle-based syndicated radio host, Laurie Roth, was seriously hurt when her motorcyle collided with a deer. She is recovering in a hospital and her Producer, Rick Sill has issued a statement. Read more.

Radio DJ Wendy Williams Releases New CD, Third Book Soon to be Published
Syndicated Radio personality, Wendy Williams, has just released a new CD and says her third book is soon to be published. Read more.

What If We Had Radio Deejays in 1776?
Being July 4th weekend, it's always good to reflect back on those early days of our country and the American Revolution. Did you ever wonder what it might have been like if there had been Radio deejays back in 1776? Of course not. Only a Radio guy like me would every ponder such a dopey scenario. Admit it: you're curious. Okay, read on...

"The Wendy Williams Experience" Picks Up Los Angeles Radio Affiliate
The nationally syndicated "Wendy Williams Experience" has landed another major market affiliate: KKBT "The Beat" in Los Angeles. Read more.

DJ’s Book Reveals Inside World of Radio
My first book has just been published and this is the News Release I've sent to the media. If you're a Radio fan, you'll enjoy "The Cash Cage", a real look at what it's like working in one of the most wonderful yet, unforgiving businesses there are.

Latest Poll Results: Radio's Howard Stern Can Influence Listeners' Votes
Millions of people listen to Howard Stern. Can Stern influence the outcome of the next presidential election? Look at the results of an ongoing poll.

Reflecting On A Journey Through Radio
Having just spent the last two years writing a book about my experiences in Radio, I sat back today and reflected on my journey so far and what it all has meant and what it still means. More.

How Do Those DJs Always Talk Right Up To The Vocal Perfectly?
A visitor to the Radio site at About.com wants to know "...how do DJs consistently 'hit the post' without going over into the vocals." The secrets finally revealed.

DJ Selling Himself On Ebay
People have tried to use ebay for just about everything. Here's an unemployed DJ who is selling himself (or at least his services) to the highest bidder with a new Radio job to offer. Photo and text.

From Wolfman To Mancow
The recent anniversary of Wolfman Jack's birthday inspired a look back on Radio 40 years ago and Radio today. Some things have changed and some things are pleasantly the same.

Profile: April Winchell, KFI, Los Angeles
Talk Radio Is Officially In The Hands Of People Your Parents Told You Not To Hang Around With. April Winchell is a voice actor and radio personality. When she is not providing cartoon voices for major entertainment companies like Disney and others, she can be heard doing her weekend talk show on KFI, Los Angeles on Saturday nights from 7-10pm.

Video Didn't Kill The Radio Star
The recent controversy at MSNBC which ended in Radio talk show host Michael Savage being fired is just plain stupid. TV should stick to what it does best and stay out of Radio - and Radio hosts should stick up for themselves.

Will The Real Michael Jackson Please Stand Up?
Michael Jackson is a famous name. But, there is more than just one Michael Jackson in the entertainment field...and he doesn't wear makeup or moondance. Read more.

Radio Split: Rush Limbaugh and Wife Divorcing
On his Friday program, Rush Limbaugh announced to his listeners that he and his wife of 10 years, Marta, are divorcing. Details

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