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Some of the Dumbest Radio and Deejay Stories from the Summer of 2012

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Even though fall does not begin for a few more weeks Labor Day weekend is a psychological delineation for many of us. This last big barbecue weekend with a precious three days of downtime gives us the fortitude to bid summer goodbye. Allow me to help by reviewing the dumbest radio stories from the past few months.

July 31, 2012

Artie, Urine Trouble

DirecTV suspended Artie Lange from his radio program, The Nick and Artie Show. Apparently, Mr. Lange peed on the studio floor. According to TMZ, Lange tweeted "Direct Tv has suspended me from the N&A show for the next 2 nights. They won’t tell me fully why. Can’t continue w them. Sorry guys. Luv u,” and “Direct Tv are good ppl. I apologize to them for doing an offensive show.” Nick and Artie can be heard on XM Satellite Radio, channel 165 10 p.m. ET and online at nickandartie.com.

August 2, 2012

Mr. Deejay, Spin Your Heels

During a baseball game featuring the Daytona Cubs (the single-A club of the Chicago Cubs), the park deejay was ejected by an umpire. It seems after an questionable call, Dye played the classic children's tune, "Three Blind Mice." According to milb.com: "Umpire Mario Seneca '… pointed to Dye in the press box and shouted, 'You're done!' Ditto for the Cubs' public-address announcer. 'Turn the sound off for the rest of the night,' Seneca could be heard yelling during the Cubs' broadcast."

August 9, 2012

People Who Live in Glass Houses…

In Sydney, Australia 26-year-old Sam Wheaton spent 17 days in a shop front window watching the Olympic Games. His stunt was sponsored and followed by Fitzy and Wippa on radio station Nova 969. (96.9 FM). Mr. Wheaton had nine screens to watch the games and was only permitted to leave the window to go to the bathroom. His prize? The station sent him to Brazil on a two-week vacation. You can see some video of the stunt on YouTube.

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