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Dumbest Radio Stories of the Week - 9/03/11

Compiled With Terse Commentary


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Their Bark Was Louder Than Their Bite

On The Mike Wise Show, Eric Bickel offended Holden Kushner with a remark about his dead dog. Kushner challenged Bickel to a fight. The situation became personal and heated. Afterward, Both radio personalities proceeded to snipe and yell at each other for a couple of minutes on the air. Later Bickel tweeted: " For the record... I like @holdenradio a lot. I think he's very funny. Today he was pissed... and I had no idea. All good. It happens."


Hassled for Nothing

The Dire Straits controversy has been resolved and Canadian radio stations can resume playing Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing" after being removed from the airwaves in January. It seems the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council all of a sudden decided the word "faggot" in the lyrics was a breach of human rights under current broadcasting code. Never mind Canadian radio stations have been playing the song since 1985. It took a lot of meetings and angst for the Council to finally realize the word was being used satirically. A 9-year-old hockey fan with puck-plugged ears could have made that judgment call.


Indigestion for Nothing

Matt Price is the morning radio personality and news director for KHUB and KFMT in Fremont, Nebraska. He recently got the chance to be on the show Man vs. Food Nation, hosted by Adam Richman on The Travel Channel. Price took part in the Pig Wing Challenge at a local watering hole in south Omaha. Price faced off against 8 pounds of pork on a mini bone and corn nuggets. The show will air in the next couple of months and Price is sworn to secrecy on how well he did. It's great promotion for Matt Price and the TV show and not that dumb. Dumb is anyone who thinks a radio guy would ever turn down free food!


Why You Don't Shoot Your Mouth Off

Some guy in Appleton, Wisconsin thought it would be a real good idea to visit a New York radio station's online chat room and tell everyone he was planning a shooting spree. He told forum visitors they should be watching the news for his upcoming death binge. Well, the owner of the radio station (Hard Rock Radio Live) called police and the cops were able to do some computer forensics and tracked his computer. This nut case was using a public computer at the Appleton Public Library and was apprehended. How ironic: remember when we were worried about people using public library computers for porn?


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