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The Scariest Radio Stories from 2012

Sometimes Radio is Frightening


Scary Radio Stories of 2012

Scary Radio Stories of 2012

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Each year around this time I publish a compilation of what I deem the "scariest" radio stories of the past year. "Scary" takes on many meanings from my point of view from random crime to frighteningly dumb behavior. So, with that short explanation hopefully adequate, let the terror begin.

Is This Guy an Icehole or What?

Anyone reading think it's a good idea to let someone attach you to a sled and then get shot across an ice arena by a giant slingshot? Yeah, that's a no-brainer as in no brains. What could go wrong? Uh…everything?

"Intern Adam" Davis from radio station WRVW-FM volunteered to do that as a stunt for the station and the Nashville Predators hockey team. The stunt never made it to prime time because a practice session wound up causing "Intern Adam" a broken ankle which necessitated surgery.

After incurring $25,000 in medical bills, Davis decided to sue the Predators.

There Are Some Things Even More Repulsive Than Jersey Shore

Random acts of violence are very disturbing to most people. That's why the murder of New Jersey radio personality, April Kauffman, was so shocking. Kauffman was found shot to death in the bedroom of her home this past May.

A handyman discovered the body. Kauffman, 47, was co-host of The King Arthur Show on WIBG 1020 AM. At the time, police did not think the killing was tied in any way to her radio work.

Why You Should Never Allow Radios in Mental Wards

Remember the classic line from the movie, A Christmas Story? "You'll shoot your eye out." Well, let's substitute a radio for the Red Ryder BB Gun and change the warning to "You'll poke your eye out."

Two roommates in the San Francisco General Hospital psych ward got into a disagreement. So, to settle it Tyrone Shleton, 36, poked his roommate's eye out. What were they fighting over? The now one-eyed guy was playing his radio too loudly. No word on if it was music or talk radio.

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