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Top Radio Turkey Moments of 2011

Dumbest and Stupidest Stories of the Year


Top Radio Turkey Moments of 2011

Top Radio Turkey Moments of 2011

Graphic: Corey Deitz
(These are in no particular sequence or order. Dumb is dumb no matter how it lines up.)

What Happens When You Cram for Exams and Get No Sleep... A former Bridgewater State University student was arrested because he threatened to "shoot up" the campus radio station . Why? It wouldn't play a song request. Alex Finnegan graduated from BSU earlier this year and used to be a deejay at WBIM-FM. Apparently, he made several threatening calls to the station but they still wouldn't play his favorite tune.

In This Case "CB" Meant "Crazy Bastard"... A truck driver who made threats over his CB radio while rolling down Interstate 90 in South Dakota was not charged. It got a little tense after the guy said he "should blow up the Vivian scale house." The Highway Patrol caught up with the guy and removed him from his 18-wheeler by gunpoint. It turns out, the driver was a little steamed over receiving a ticket earlier in the day.

Just Think of it as a Vertical Ferris Wheel... 27-year-old Joseph Gonzalez climbed a 185-foot radio tower in Kissimmee, Florida. Gonzalez stayed perched on it for 12 hours until he finally descended. But, not until he yelled for family members and spent some time negotiating with police who had a bullhorn. When Gonzalez did come down, they transported him to a local hospital for what is generally termed "evaluation."

It's So Big and You're Phone's Screen is So Small... Opie & Anthony, were interviewing Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger who broke the Representative Anthony Weiner sexting story. Although Breitbart had previously stated he was not going to release a graphic photo of Weiner's weiner, Opie & Anthony convinced Breitbart to show them the photo via cell phone. According to hollywoodreporter.com: "After Breitbart left the studio, the Opie & Anthony crew, according to their tweets, used footage from their in-studio surveillance camera to grab a still photo off of Breitbart's phone screen." It was the Tweet Seen 'Round the World.

Mayan Calendar Still Holds Exclusive on End of the World... Judgment Day was scheduled for May 21, 2011. What's that? You thought you had until December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar? Yeah, well about that... It seems the Mayans had an interloper named Harold Camping, an 89-year-old preacher and the founder of Family Radio. His radio ministry purchased billboards and warned people for months. The world survived.

What Some People Will Do to Avoid Financing a New Car... Andreas Muller, a 36-year-old German man from Sachsen Anhalt had a Mini Cooper logo tattooed onto his penis live on-the-air as a female radio host looked on. "Listeners heard him squeal in agony," reported Orange News. But, Muller clenched his teeth and sucked the pain up. For his effort, he walked away (gingerly) with a £20,000 Mini Cooper

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