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Top Radio Stories from 2011

Highlights of What Happened This Year


Harold Camping, Religious Radio Talk Show Host

Harold Camping, Religious Radio Talk Show Host

Photo: Harold Camping by ChristReturns2011, Creative Commons
Cumulus Media swallowed up the Citadel radio stations after writing a check for $2.4 billion dollars, leaving Cumulus with 570 stations. Fox News got a little lighter when radio host, Glenn Beck, left the TV network.

Radio preacher, Harold Camping, spent a few weeks in the public eye when he predicted the end of the world would be May 21, 2011. When that didn't happen he moved the prediction to October 21, 2011. (Crickets.....)

In the middle of the Anthony Weiner tweeting scandal, Sirius XM Radio's Opie & Anthony managed to capture and tweet a copy of the "full monty" weiner off of Andrew Breitbart's phone.

KROV in San Antonio purchased software called "Denise" which can be programmed to do breaks - a virtual deejay. In other words: a fake person, speaking in a synthesized voice, saying irrelevant chit chat.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma some 25-year-old guy climbed 150 feet up a radio tower and hung on it for days. Near Middletown, Ohio, radio wonder-boy/CEO Randy Michaels couldn't hang on to the road and wound up beneath an overpass, buried in mud. After refusing a breathalyzer, he was jailed.

Finally, Danny Bonaduce found a new home at 102.5 KZOK/Seattle, Jonathon Brandmeier is doing mornings again in Chicago - this time at WGN 720, and Howard Stern confirmed he will be the new judge on America's Got Talent.

Stay tuned....another year is coming right up.

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