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Top Radio Stories from 2011

Highlights of What Happened This Year


Ted Williams Needs a Voice-Over Job

Ted Williams Needs a Voice-Over Job

Screenshot: YouTube
2011 started off with the story of Ted Williams a homeless man from Columbus, Ohio who had great radio and voice-over "pipes" as we say in the business. Williams shot to instant fame in a YouTube video and got plenty of offers and attention.

In February, a lot of people were asking themselves who Alex Jones was and why was Charlie Sheen calling his radio program? Jones, a conservative fueled by conspiracy theories and survivalist talk, is based in Austin, Texas. Sheen called The Alex Jones Show and sputtered an amusing tirade of compliments to himself while offering verbal grenades of criticism and even disdain for his detractors, critics, Alcoholics Anonymous and his former Two and a Half Men producer, Chuck Lorre.

It was the year a German guy won a new car from a radio station by having a company logo tattooed on to his penis. Andreas Muller had the Mini Cooper logo tattooed onto his manhood live on-the-air as a female radio host looked on.

Late February, Chevy announced its Volt and Equinox would start coming Pandora-compatible. Halfway through the year, iHeartRadio, the streaming app from Clear Channel Radio, came out swinging against Pandora by sponsoring a huge music festival, unveiling a new version of its app, and going commercial-free until the end of the year.

In March, Former Hot 97 radio personality, DJ Megatron, was found dead in Staten Island, New York, from a gunshot wound. Rick Dees was still alive and resurrected as morning host on KHHT-FM (92.3).

BRMB in Birmingham, England offered a free wedding - as long as the winning couple were naked during it. 90.3 AMP Radio in Calgary gave away a $10,000 breast augmentation, i.e. boob job. But, prize of the year goes to Andulus Radio in Somalia which held a competition to give young listeners the chance to win weapons like AK-47s and hand grenades.

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