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10 Dumbest Radio Moments of 2011

Funny, Stupid, and Dumb Stories from the Year


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Dumb Radio Stories 2011 Logo

Graphic: Corey Deitz
Every business has its choice moments which make you wonder 'what the heck are they putting in the water cooler'. Radio is no exception. Here are 10 of the the dumbest stories spawned by Radio in 2011. Plus: a Bonus story, too!

1. 27-year-old Joseph Gonzalez climbed a 185-foot radio tower in Kissimmee, Florida. Gonzalez stayed perched on it for 12 hours until he finally descended. But, not until he yelled for family members and spent some time negotiating with police who had a bullhorn.

2. Some guy in Appleton, Wisconsin thought it would be a real good idea to visit a New York radio station's online chat room and tell everyone he was planning a shooting spree. Luckily, the owner of the radio station (Hard Rock Radio Live) called police and the cops were able to do some computer forensics and tracked his computer.

3. Some guy hung 150 feet high on a radio tower in Tulsa, Oklahoma for six days. Why? Well, officials didn't know for sure but they also didn't think he was suicidal - although they believed he might have mental issues.

4. In Sydney, Australia radio station Nova organized a stunt where a VW Beetle was catapulted 84.1 yards in front of cheering fans at a speedway. Any particular reason? A spokesperson was quoted as saying: "...this just for the sake of throwing a car and we still don't know why we did it." Well, it's really official now: you can forget about any future Beetle Reunion.

5. Wish you could get on the air? Here's how not to do it. Delhi police arrested a guy who was impersonating the director of All India Radio. Khalil Ahmed said all he wanted to do was stage a radio play. Believe it or not, he got into the All India Radio studios using forged credentials. Fake I.D.s: They're not just for beer anymore!

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