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Radio Cashes in on The End of the World

Mayan Calendar Provides Promotion Opportunities


KQ92 End of the World Party poster

KQ92 End of the World Party poster

Screenshot: KQ92.com
While the United States of America is stressing over the prospect of over th"Fiscal Cliff" there are people around the world worried that the world may go over the Apocalyptic Cliff.

Even so, "The End of the World" is turning into a unique opportunity for radio shows and radio stations to draw attention to themselves through the kind of promotions only radio can do. In most cases, "End of the World" parties are being staged to coincide with the latest prediction of destruction, courtesy of the Mayan Long Calendar. I'm sure you're aware that December 21, 2012 is it, right? We've been hearing this for years.

No radio show or station in its right mind would pass up and opportunity to tie-in with an event as big as this!?

As an example: KQ92 in Burlington, Iowa is offering the "KQ92 End of the World Party" featuring various rock bands. The concert is scheduled for December 21, of course, at Burlington Memorial Auditorium.

KXPZ 99.5 FM "The Rocket" in Las Cruces, New Mexico is telling listeners it "will be your official stations for the Apocalypse." Besides having a party, the station is also using the event to help out the community. At the station's website it states:

"And Orson Wells ain’t got s&^t on us! For 24 Hours we plan on Rocking the Apocalypse Harder than anyone imagined! Join Jack Lutz, Lynz Green and the entire Rocket Crew as we brave the End and do some good deeds while we’re at it. We’ll be gathering Survivor Supply Items through 12/21…then, when we prove those Mayans wrong on December 22nd, we’ll be turning around and donating every Survivor Supply Item we get to the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope."

How can anyone resist a one time astronomical event, a party, and helping out a charity all in one full swoop?

Then you have this: Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, actually was convinced to do a promotional video for nationally networked radio station Triple J and the "Tom & Alex End of the World Show." In the video, Gillard is standing in front of a very official looking background and announces:

"My dear remaining fellow Australians. The end of the world is coming. It wasn’t Y2K, it wasn’t even the carbon price. It turns out the Mayan calendar was true. While Australia’s best and brightest at the CSI have not been able to confirm this; I’m confident in Triple J’s that the world is about to end.

Whether the final blow comes from flesh eating zombies, demonic hell beasts or from the total triumph of K-Pop, if you know one thing about me, it is this, I will always fight for you til the very end. And at least this means I won’t have to do Q&A again. Good luck to you all."

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