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September 11 - Terrorism - War

Here are archived articles covering September 11, 2001, terrorism and war as it relates to radio or how radio relates to it.

Radio Magnifies Messages, Good and Bad
With another July 4th holiday here celebrating American independence, it's worth pausing for a moment to consider the power of free speech - and propaganda - that is magnified by the power of radio.

Emergency Radios For Natural Disasters and Terror Attacks
It should be obvious to anyone following the news and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina most people were terribly unprepared - even those who evacuated. Are you prepared for a natural disaster? Are you prepared for a terrorist attack? Do you have an Emergency Radio? Read more and see some.

Delivering The Message
The personal thoughts of radio personality Corey Deitz about the moment he received the news of September 11th and how he proceeded to relay the terrible news to his listening audience.

Radio Remembers: September 11th Links
In commemoration of the events that occurred one year ago in America, when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York City and thousands of innocent people lost their lives, your Radio Guide presents some hand-picked links you may wish to explore today.

The Clear Channel Banned Songs List
One of the most famous stories of banned songs occurred several days after September 11, 2001. It's alleged a list of songs not to play was issued by Clear Channel Radio to company Program Directors. There's more to this story - read it here.

The Baghdad Morning Zoo
The Baghdad Morning Zoo is a humorous satire about two fictional Iraq Radio personalities and what their Top 40 morning show might sound like if you heard it.

Introducing Color Coded Terrible Alerts For Radio
The color-coded terror alert system our Department of Homeland Defense uses has inspired a similar color-coded system to alert listeners to awful Radio. Here now, are the five stages in the new "Terrible Alerts" system.

Radio Rallies For The Troop
Radio has become a flashpoint for war controversy. In a post Dixie Chick world, Radio stations are rallying listeners around the troops.

Spy Another Day - with Radio
Even 007 would admit it: spying and the use of radio have gone hand-in-hand for many years. As far back as 1917, spies were using radios to receive covert messages from their superiors. Read more about the relationship between spying and radio in this article which includes some great links.

Radio Propaganda - Another Weapon In War
Radio has long been used as another weapon in war, mainly as a propaganda tool. From broadcasts aimed at Iraq by U.S. forces against Saddam Hussein, to North Vietnam's "Hanoi Hannah" during the Vietnam War, "Germany's Axis Sally", and Japan's "Tokyo Rose" in World War II, Radio has been used by the good guys and the bad guys

Dixie Chicks Boycotted on Country Radio
The Dixie Chicks are being boycotted by Country music Radio stations around the United States for an anti-Bush statement made by group member Natalie Maines. Here's the story.

Radio's Role in War
With war a certain inevitability, here is a recap of some recent articles you might find interesting as background to what will most certainly be both a historic, memorable and possibly traumatic time in our lives.

South Carolina Radio Personality Sues Former Station
Radio personality, Roxanne Walker, is suing her former employer, WMYI-FM, because she alleges she was fired because of her political opinions and anti-war stance. Read more.

Police Blow Up Radio Sportcaster's Equipment
What happens when a Radio sportscaster for the University of Rhode Island basketball team leaves his broadcasting gear in the wrong place? Read on...

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