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2000 - 2010: Radio Weirdness During the Past Decade

Weird and Odd Radio Stories from the Past 10 Years


David Winkelman KORB Forehead Tattoo

David Winkelman KORB Forehead Tattoo

Photo: scottcountyiowa.com
Not only are we changing years but we're also saying goodbye to the first decade of the new millennium. I think that's reason enough to reflect back on some of the strangest stories in Radio brought forth over the past 10 years.

David Jonathan Winkelman, tattooed his forehead with a radio station's logo and became a human billboard for radio station KORB after a disc jockey offered listeners a six-figure payout if they tattooed the FM station's call letters and logo on their forehead. Winkelman and his stepson went to a local tattoo parlor and each emerged with forehead ink promoting "93 Rock," the "Quad City Rocker." When Winkleman tried to cash in his deed, the deejay defended it as a joke. - 2000

The dismissal of “Opie & Anthony” for prompting contestants to have sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral. - 2002

KPWR-FM, Los Angeles Radio personality Joe Grande encouraged a 17-year-old boy to walk around an intersection naked so he could win some concert tickets. - 2002

Manchester, England's Key 103 Radio station was reprimanded by The Radio Authority after holding a sweepstakes where listeners could win 500 British Pounds cash by guessing when Myra Hindley would die. - 2003

In Albany, New York, a man was convicted of trying to electrocute his girlfriend by throwing a radio and hairdryer into her bubble bath. A circuit breaker saved her life. He faced up to 3 years in prison. - 2003

Dennis Jordan, known as "T Bone" on 98.9 The Rock, Kansas City, was arrested for public nudity and disorderly conduct. T Bone taped 100 Powerball tickets to his body and stood along the highway, allowing listeners to take them off him. By the time the cops arrived, he was only covered by about 15 tickets. - 2003

In Roxboro, North Carolina, Rodney Michael Cates was killed by his truck radio. Cates’ truck went off the road, hit a driveway culvert, went airborne, and on the way down, the radio popped out of the dashboard, hit him in the head and killed him. - 2004

A Romanian DJ, Alin Farcus, seized control of his own radio station and threatened to jump from a balcony if he wasn’t given the back pay due him. His boss agreed to fork over the $425 bucks. - 2004

Billy Wayne Miles called KMCM-FM in Odessa Texas asking for a request. After 3 tries with no success, he made another call: a bomb threat. Miles was charged with a felony. - 2004

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