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Radio by the Tens - Lists of 10s Concerning Various Aspects of Radio

Thank David Letterman for changing our culture to make us think a list of 10 things is better than any other list. Here are some "Lists of 10" concerning various aspects of Radio including a list of odd things, a list of weird things, a list of great things, and more.

7 Bizarre Ways Radio Can Kill You Suddenly
Radio is your friend. Well, usually. Occasionally, a radio - or the business of Radio - can be dangerous and even downright deadly. Here are 10 instances where it might have been better to be watching TV or doing anything else but being near or listening to radio.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Radio or Could Do With Radio
Think you know everything about Radio? I'll bet not. Here are 10 things most people do not know about Radio or do not know they can do with Radio. Go ahead: discover all 10.

10 Great Things About AM and FM Radio
Sometimes, we are quick to discard things for the latest and newest "next thing". Some critics say the best days of AM and FM Radio are gone because of all the new technologies competing against it. Well, before you hastily cast if off, remember some of the good points. Here are my list of 10.

Top 10 Weird Things About Radio
Radio is a weird business but it gets even weirder when you begin to dig a little. This is a list of what I consider the Top 10 Weirdest Things About Radio. Enjoy this short trip through the bizarre and stange.

10 Odd Things You Probably Didn't Know About the History of Radio
With traditional radio technology well over a century old, we take for granted the ease by which it is available to us as well as the way it is defined to us as users. The early decades of radio were riddled with new and sometimes odd ways of applying this technology to everyday life. This article is based on research done at earlyradiohistory.us which is an extraordinary resource. Now, on with the oddness!

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