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Tips on What to Expect From a Career in Radio - About.com
G. Gordon Liddy's path into Radio was made easier by his fame as a Watergate Burglar, ... A new year often brings on thoughts of changing jobs or careers.
Radio Employment, Free Courses, Schools, Mobile DJs, Professionals
Looking for a job in Radio? Here's good advice from a free online course to a list of broadcast schools in the U.S., England, Austalia, England and New Zealand.
How Do I Break Into Radio? - About.com
Have you thought about getting into Radio but not sure how to go about it? ... can intern while holding your reguular job - a smart approach to changing careers.
Radio Plugger (PR) Music Career Profile - Music Careers - About.com
Do you want to help influence the radio playlists? Then you may want to become a radio plugger. Radio pluggers promote music to radio stations in hopes of ...
How Can I Get My Song on The Radio? - Music Careers - About.com
It's often said in the music business that reviews don't sell music - radio does. It's for good reason, then, that many musicians want to know how to get their songs ...
The Pros and Cons of Media Careers - About.com
Media careers are exciting, demanding and full of personal sacrifices that have ... the pros and cons of this career choice before deciding if working in TV, radio, ...
What is a Radio Plugger - Music Careers - About.com
Radio pluggers specialize in promoting music to radio stations. They are hired by record labels to take new releases (usually singles, but in certain cases, full ...
How to Land a Job in the Entertainment Field - Internships - About.com
Careers in the entertainment field include a wide variety of jobs in television, film, theater, and radio.
Things That Belong on Your Radio One Sheet - Music Careers
Are you thinking of using your print media album press release to get radio plays ? Think again. Commercial radio in particular wants to know that you've got a ...
Get College Radio Plays - Music Careers - About.com
College radio can be your best friends as an up and coming artist. You can increase your chance to get college radio plays by following a few simple rules.
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