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Pirate Radio Broadcasts And Broadcasting History Including Offshore
The ultimate alternative: Pirate Radio. Whether you want to listen or become a " Pirate" yourself, there are places on the Web to help you. You can explore the ...
Pirate Radio - Unrestricted PC-based Internet broadcasting software
Pirate Radio is software that allows any individual with a PC computer and an Internet connection to create their own Radio station quickly, painlessly and at ...
Pirate Radio Broadcasts And History Including Offshore and LPFM ...
Pirate Radio is many things. To some it's the rebellious illegal broadcasts created by those who feel today's Radio does not offer enough alternatives. To others ...
An Interview with Pirate Radio DJ Bart Plantenga - Punk Music
In the 2009 film Pirate Radio, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a DJ on a ship off the coast of England, broadcasting rock and roll music illegally to a populace that  ...
Who Was Pirate Radio DJ Dave Rabbit? - About.com
During the end of the Vietnam War, a renegade Pirate DJ named Dave Rabbitt broadcasted to service men and women in South Vietnam playing.
Dave Rabbit - Vietnam Pirate DJ - Rumor Control, Facts ... - Radio
This is a companion article to another article entitled, "Vietnam War Pirate DJ Dave ... misinformation that has been circulated about his Pirate Radio broadcasts.
Pirates of The Airwaves - Radio - About.com
Pirate Radio operators run illegal radio stations and fly in the face of the law and the FCC. Why? Some feel it is their civil duty to provide alternative programming ...
Vietnam War Pirate DJ Dave Rabbit Has Finally Come ... - Radio
He started a short-lived, Pirate Radio station that became legendary. Not much could be verified - until now. On February 14, 2006, Rabbit emerged and ...
Radio - History, Applications, Internet Options
The Radio site at About.com includes information for AM,FM,HD, HD-2, SIRIUS ... Pirate, Armed Forces, and College Radio · Radio Employment, Free Courses, ...
Ian MacRae: Original Radio Caroline DJ Takes Issue with Movie's ...
Jun 23, 2009 ... Ian MacRae worked on Radio Caroline during 1966 and 1967 when British ... The Ian MacRae Interview: Once a Radio Pirate, Today a Radio ...
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