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Classical Music Online and Beyond
What You Need To Know About Accessing The Classics
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Part1: Overview of Classical Music Available Online and Beyond
Part 2: Selected Classical Music Links
Part 3: Classical Music on Satellite Radio
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The online world features many resources for classical music enthusiasts. If you wish to hear the classics, you have the option to listen to streams from both terrestrial Radio stations, and Internet-based stations.

In the United States, much of the classical music programming available originates from traditional, terrestrial Radio stations affiliated with National Public Radio. Of these, almost all of them are educational stations based at colleges and universities. To locate your neareast Public Radio station, try the NPR Locator.

In Great Britain, the BBC devotes a substantial amount of time and resources to providing these resources online.

Australia has ABC Classic FM, Australia's National Classical Music Network.

The CBC in Canada has also created classical music stations that are distributed and based around the country. By doing a quick search at the CBC homepage, you can obtain links to individual feeds from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and more locations.

Of note is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "CBC for Kids" program which offers "Classical Music Overture", an online introduction to classical music for youngster.

There are also many excellent Internet-based streaming broadcasts of classical music which with beethoven.com probably one of the best known. Billing itself as, "The World's Classical Radio Station", Beethoven.com has consistently been a ratings winner in online listening surveys.

Finally, the recent advent of Satellite Radio has also benefited followers of "longhair" music with both XM Radio and Sirius Radio offering various classical-based channels on their services. Below you will find suggested links in several categories to begin your online classical music listening

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