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Webcasting Now and Tomorrow: Paul Maloney Sounds Off
Comments from the Editor of the "Radio And Internet Newsletter"
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Part 1: Why Internet Listening is Up
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Corey: What novel uses, if any, do you see ahead for Internet-based radio?

Paul: I think Internet radio is the antidote for the limitations of traditional broadcasting. The lowest common denominator method of programming, the stale formats, and even the technical limitations will eventually all be trumped by a vibrant Internet radio industry. Certainly, Net radio has a long way to go to overcome broadcasting's advantages (portability, localism, etc.). But these developments will come, and Net radio will -- someday -- become the dominant medium.

Broadcasters themselves can (and do) use the advantages of streaming too. A broadcaster of a particular musical format can have Internet "side" channels streaming formats complimentary to the main station's, holiday music, or the music of artists that are coming to town for live shows.

I think any Internet radio that uses the ability of interactivity (the ability for the listener to affect what they hear) is pretty novel. It makes the experience more engaging for the listener. And we'll see lots more innovation in this area I'm sure.

Corey: Are there any listening "gems" you can toss us? Are there some extraordinary streams available not everyone knows about? What's your favorite streaming directory and why?

Paul: Wow..there's TONS out there...you can find nearly anything you like. Unfortunately, lots of them are shutting down in the face of impending copyright royalty fees. What fascinates me personally are the foreign broadcasters -- radio like I've never heard it. Among my favorite Internet-only stations are Radio Paradise, RadioIO, Beethoven.com, 3WK, Digitally Imported, and a couple hobbyists on Live 365 and Shoutcast. Among US broadcasters, it's 91X (WOXY) and KCRW/Los Angeles. Finally, Listen.com's Rhapsody service has a few really nice stations on it.

- Corey Deitz

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