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All Comedy Radio Ready To Launch With Affiliates
Dateline: 08/27/03
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All Comedy Radio, the new Hollywood-based comedy radio network announced today that agreement has been reached to air overnight weekend comedy programming on KLSX-FM, Los Angeles.

All Comedy Radio’s lineup of recorded standup routines, ACR produced interview segments and topical radio-comedy will begin this weekend, August 30th and 31st. It will be hosted by Los Angeles area Comedy Jocks including Kerri Kasem, the daughter of legendary DJ Casey Kasem.

Effective Labor Day weekend, All Comedy Radio will debut in certain dayparts on KLSX, Los Angeles; KXL, Portland; WTTB, Vero Beach, Florida and WBZR, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. ACR will debut as a full-format on KLFJ, Springfield, Missouri in Mid-September.

- from An ACR Press Release

- Corey Deitz

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