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Opie and Anthony EXPOSED! Listen to the AUDIO!
Dateline: 8/23/02
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The sudden firing of “Opie and Anthony” has left Infinity Broadcasting with a big hole to fill on WNEW-FM in New York and 17 other affiliate stations which were airing the syndicated radio show.

Check the linkbox to the right for a link to the original complaint against WNEW-FM by The Catholic League along with a transcript of the original audio from the “Sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral Stunt” that started the controversy. Or, listen to the actual audio from the Stunt itself in RealAudio or Windows Media.

Here are more comments from About.com Radio Site visitors:

Warren J. Clark: “I am all for radio personalities providing the best, funniest, cutting edge humor.  To that end, I do believe that Opie and Anthony crossed over the line by allowing the actions in St. Patrick's to take place and actually promoted it.  I am a pretty liberal person, but they really did go way too far. But, as they did in MA and Howard Stern did in DC in the 80's....they will survive.  I just hope that they learn that their are limits to the things that can be done in good taste or no good taste.”

Steve: “The USA is full of busy bodies who enjoy controlling the behavior of others. While the 'Sex for Sam' promotion was in poor taste the act of sex was not described or enacted on the air, merely euphmistically recapped. The bible states that vengence is the Lord God's (Book of Isiah) and that you should not judge lest you be judged (Luke). So, rather than remove O&A from the air perhaps more positive results would come from a chastened Opie & Anthony on their afternoon show. And I also believe that these Bible thumpers spent a little more time READING their Bibles and little less time 'thumping' them we might all be better off.”

Terry Baker: “Of course they went too far,  Don & Mike go too far, Bob & Tom do, Stern does, some local Rock & Rap DJs do-even radio commercials that were run late at night for "adult businesses" are now run during the day.  If I want to hear 30 year old men do Junior High humor, I can actually pay attention to my co-workers instead of ignoring them-I don't want it on my radio. I used to  enjoy radio around here, but it's really gone downhill the last few years, and so-called "humor' like that  is one of the reasons. Thank God for what internet radio I can still listen to.”

Renee Cohen: “Opie and Anthony went too far.  I always thought they wanted to top Howard Stern with their outrageous behavior.  They are tasteless and disgusting.  This is not entertainment, this is disappointing!”

Kevin: “sex act in church...oh this is a problem, lets stop the Preist from doing it to our kids. Keep them hey this is a stunt like any other... I hope O&A don't start to loose thier hearing”

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- Corey Deitz

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