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A Talk Show Host, A Strip Club, A Motorcycle, Some Booze, An Arrest
Dateline: 7/30/03
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"I need a lifestyle change and have to examine myself."
- Pat Snyder as quoted by the Wausau Daily Herald.

Pat Snyder, a conservative talk-show host at WSAU-AM in Wausau, Wisconsin, made some really bad mistakes a few days ago.

I suppose you could forgive him for going to Showtime Gentlemen's Club - a strip joint. The Wausau Daily Herald reports Snyder said it was just a whim and he didn't do it often. Hell, he's a guy and I'm sure he was just doing some "show prep" for his program. Afterall, how's a good conservative going to know which ills of society need to be addressed unless he gets out there and finds them for himself!

And as for having a few drinks, well...we all have to blow off steam once-in-a-while. We're only human.

His big mistake was getting on that motorcycle of his DRUNK (allegedly) and trying to drive home. That's when the police think he hit a sign post and got tossed off so hard he broke an arm and leg. He's lucky. He could have killed himself or worse yet: an innocent driver.

Anyone who rides a bike knows that it's dangerous enough with oblivious motorists surrounding you, objects flying up from the roadway and bugs trying to lodge in your teeth. Drinking and then attempting to navigate home on your Harley just begs for a Darwin Award.

At age 46, Snyder has yet to be graced him with some sorely needed wisdom.

Talent contracts often have moral clauses. They protect the Radio station from having to continue someone's employment after they go and do something stupid like drive home drunk from a strip joint on their motorcycle.

I don't know if Snyder has such a clause or even a contract with WSAU-AM. But, if he does, and if management decides to give him one more chance, I hope he takes the opportunity to clean up his act because if he ever pulls a stunt like this again, his career could be dead air - and he could just be dead.

- Corey Deitz

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