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Radio Stunts: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Dateline: 7/19/03
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Radio shows and Radio stations are constantly conducting promotions and stunts in the hopes of getting attention and raising ratings. Here are just some of the more interesting from this past year, so far:

January 6, 2003:

Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero from WXDJ-FM 95.7, a Spanish-language salsa station in Miami, call Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, pretending to be Cuban President, Fidel Castro. Chavez is not amused.

January 18, 2003:

Key 103, Manchester, England held an on-air sweepstakes where listeners could win money if they correctly predicted when convicted murderer, Myra Hindley, would die.

January 25, 2003:

A Birmingham, England station, BRMB, challenged listeners to sit on blocks of dry ice to win concert tickets. Three contestants wound up in the hospital for 10 weeks recovering from skin grafts. Dry ice is -172 degrees Farhenheit.

February 7, 2003

Rick Roddam and an intern from Fresno Rock station, KRZR-FM, delivered a blow-up doll to the office of Assembly Member Steve Samuelian, who had been picked up in a red-light district. Pictures were taken, audio was recorded.

April 1, 2003:

Shelby Mitchell and Kane, two Mobile, Alabama Radio personalities from WKSJ-FM suffered broken ankles in a celebrity lawm mower race.

April 1, 2003:

Brainerd, Minnesota Radio personalities, Troy Shannon and Riggs from 98.1/"KISS FM", were arrested for creating a public nuisance after they announced a fake Eminem concert at the local "Big Lots" parking lot. 13 police cars had to break up a riot.

April, 2003:

Cleveland DJ, Shane French, got a lot of attention when he told his audience he had tethered a cat to helium balloons and it was flying out of control through the sky. Faked "reports" from listeners added to the mayhem. The cops showed up and shut the fun down after two hours. About a week later, a Denver DJ pulled off the same stunt, inspired by French.

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