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Norweigan DJ Makes Boat Out Of Pig
Dateline: 07/06/03
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Norway Radio personality, Kristopher Schau, is under heavy fire from animal rights advocates. Last week, during the Norwegian Quart Festival, he attached an engine to a dead pig and used it as a boat.

In response to some critics, the DJ responded, “The strong reactions are fully understandable. I once dropped a pork chop in the sink and it made me furious.”

The following day on his program, he doused the pig in gasoline and set it on fire. Nettavisen.no reports the same broadcast “...consisted of putting a white BMW at sea, voting on the festival's nicest penis and the annual enema competition.”

Shau’s pig promotion is reminiscent of Bubba the Love Sponge’s February, 2001 stunt performed during his show at WXTB-97.9 FM (98 Rock) in Tampa, Florida. The Radio personality broadcasted the castration and slaughter of a wild boar during a “road kill barbecue” in the station’s parking lot.

Animal cruelty charges were filed against Sponge, his producer and two listeners but they were ultimately acquitted in a trial that ended April 30, 2002.

- Corey Deitz

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