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Dan Ingram Departs WCBS-FM
Dateline: 06/20/03
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The "New York Daily News" is reporting that legendary Top 40 DJ, Dan Ingram is leaving Oldies-formatted WCBS-FM after 12 years. Ingram rose to fame at WABC-AM in the 1960s when that station was the country's premiere Top 40 Radio outlet.

Dan Ingram soon ruled the afternoons with his highly infectious mix of humor and "edgy, irreverent style", as the Daily News put it.

As for his departure from WCBS-FM, it apparently was his choice. The station wanted to take away his Saturday air-shift and relegate him to just Sundays. Ingram chose to walk, instead.

Ingram has long been one of the country's most sought-after voice-over talents so leaving this gig will not impact him financially. Ingram isn't commenting to the press about his split with WCBS-FM but if it were me, I would have done the same thing. Nobody wants to be pushed toward a corner that gets smaller and smaller.

Dan Ingram began his career in New Haven, Connecticut at WNHC-AM in 1958. He moved to WICC-AM in Bridgeport that same year then to WIL-AM, St. Louis, in 1959. His rise continued as he passed through KBOX-AM, Dallas in 1960, eventually winding up at WABC-AM, New York, in 1961.

I've heard Dan Ingram many times and I hope he gets back on the Radio soon. But, if this is it - if this is the end - then let me just say nobody epitomized the spirit of the "Top 40 DJ" better than Dan Ingram. He's a classic.

- Corey Deitz

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