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Creating Your Own Internet Radio Station With Live 365
Live365.com Makes It Easy
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For individuals, Live 365.com has made it easy to get started with your own Internet Radio station. (Pricing subject to change)

The Personal Broadcasting Package (starting at $3.95/month) includes:

Free setup
Free software for all modes of broadcasting
Online storage
Customizable station page
Distribution on Live 365.com, mobile devices (iPhone & Android), Internet radio-enabled devices (Kindle Fire and Roku), social networks, and more.

The Professional Broadcasting Package includes:

Live365 Pro Points Rewards Program (earn money with your station)
Phone Support
Customizable player widgets
Distribution on Live365.com, mobile devices (iPhone & Android), internet radio-enabled devices (Kindle Fire and Roku), social networks, and more
Inclusion on iTunes radio

There are additional priced packages for broadcasters with niche audiences like talk packages, faith-based packages, etc..

Whatever your broadcasting goals, the Internet has revolutionized the concept of Radio, permitting any individual with a computer and a simple dial-up connection to now broadcast a personal vision of music or talk - to the whole world.

- Corey Deitz

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