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Creating Your Own Internet Radio Station With Live 365
Live365.com Makes It Easy
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Whether you just want to provide your friends with a personalized stream of music or you want to share with the world a genre of music you love and have expertise in, it is easy and somewhat inexpensive to start up your own Internet Radio station that sounds as good as the "big boys".

Though there are various other ways to get up and broadcasting, many of them either require some additional technical expertise, big servers or more money. (See linkbox on the right for additional server software links.)

Live365.com offers turnkey solutions for individual hobbyists, entrepreneurs and larger businesses. What makes Live365.com so unique is its ability to allow a broadcaster several streaming options:

1. Basic mode - allows you to upload music or audio files, create multiple playlists and begin your broadcast. Change files and adjust playlists at will.

2. Live mode - host a live broadcast using Live 365's Studio365 Live software. A built-in "record" feature allows a user to record a live broadcast for replay later.

3. Relay mode - is designed to rebroadcast your existing audio stream. - Corey Deitz

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