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Radio YourWay Records AM/FM
Palm-sized device puts programs on YOUR schedule.
(Note: this is a legacy article and continues to remain in radio.about.com's archive. It appears the product is no longer available and the last review for it on Amazon.com was back in 2003. The article is still online for historical and reference purposes.)

Pogo! Products has introduced a new device for recording AM and FM Radio. It's a digital recorder called "Radio YourWay(tm)" and fits in the palm of your hand.

Radio YourWay gives users the ability to set a timer or record real-time AM/FM radio for listening at a later time. Recording is accomplished by choosing a station and pressing a button. Or, the user can set up the unit to record programs on a daily or weekly basis.

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Besides the ability to listen to live or recorded broadcasts, Radio YourWay also doubles as a voice-recorder with a built-in microphone and an .mp3 player. It includes earbud headphones for private listening. With the included USB wire, the user can transfer files between Radio YourWay and their computer. Recorded broadcasts can be stored on their hard drive and any previously recorded .mp3 files can be uploaded to Radio YourWay. The main features include:

• Portable AM/FM Radio.
• 10 Station Pre-Sets.
• Record over 4 hours of AM or FM broadcasts for later playback.
• On-the-fly or scheduled recording. Unattended recording • Record over 4 hours of Voice Messages using the built-in microphone.
• Listen to radio or voice recordings through the built-in speaker or using the included earbud headphones.
• Connects to your PC USB port for the transferring of files.
• SD/MMC expansion slot for adding additional memory.
• Plays any .mp3 files.
• Includes earbud headphones, USB cable, external FM Antenna, CD with all the required software, 2 AAA batteries, neck strap, and a user manual.

System Requirements

Pentium MMX or higher
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
20MB Hard Drive Space
Available USB Port

Retail Price: $149.99

- Corey Deitz

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