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Denver Radio Guy Nabbed in Child Porn Arrest
Dateline: 03/02/03
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According to a news item in the Denver Post by John Ingold, a local Radio personality there was hauled off to jail this past Friday night “on suspicion of enticing someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl to mail him sexually provocative pictures of herself.”

Just great: another public relations coup for the already tainted image of Radio people.

For the record, no girl of any age was actually harmed in the making of this arrest. The “girl” turned out to be a postal inspector in Washington, D.C. who was just looking to hook someone like this guy.

Dean Letschka, known on the Radio as “Sam Hammer”, was arrested and charged with attempted production of child pornography. If convicted, the guy could get 10 years. I can just hear the Denver morning shows Monday morning, with bits about “Hammer in the Slammer”, “Hammer Got Nailed”, “Hammer Tried To Nail”, “Hammer Couldn’t Control His Tool”, etc. Hoooyah!

This fella, Hammer, is best known in Denver for providing traffic reports to several stations including KHOW-AM and others.

The Denver article also noted that he “hosts trivia nights at several local bars.” Hell. If that’s how I was making my living at this point, I would have spent less time trying to get child porn and more time at gun shows trying to find the one that hurts the least when you put it in your mouth and pull the trigger.

It gets better. According to the arrest report, Hammer used the screen name of “Longdeep”. Doesn’t that sound more like a product you'd see advertised in penis-enlargement email spam?

But, there’s more: Hammer purchased a vibrator for the “girl” he thought he was messaging and sent it off to her in the mail. Looks like hosting those “Trivia Nights” paid off hansomely.

The postal inspectors who collared this 43-year-old guy also say he told “her” he wanted to meet and have sex. Well, of course this is never going to happen because Mr. Happy Pants will be spending most of his time from now on reporting on the foot traffic walking through the lobby of the firm his attorney works for.

If you sense I’m annoyed, you’re right. Why? Because it’s bad enough Radio people really ARE weird in real life. (Luckily, most of us are harmless.) But, it’s true: this business attracts an odd combination of creative, eccentric and ego-driven humans who probably could not function effectively in a normal 9-5 job. That's why they're on the Radio entertaining YOU.

But, weirdness is never an excuse for criminal behavior and people like this guy give the rest of the weirdos in this business a bad name.

- Corey Deitz

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