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St. Louis Radio Personality Murdered
Dateline: 2/19/03
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The Associated Press is reporting that Nan Wyatt, A St. Louis Radio personality was found shot to death on Tuesday. Wyatt, had been a morning co-anchor since 1996 on "Total Information A.M.", the morning program on legendary station KMOX-AM.

Police confirm the 44-year-old journalist was found in the bedroom of her suburban home in Twin Oaks, Missouri. Wyatt's husband, Thomas Erbland, 43, was charged with first degree murder and jailed without bail.

Wyatt came to KMOX in 1990 and worked various positions until 1994 when she went to Chicago for two years to work for news/talk WBBM-AM. She returned to St. Louis in 1996 and re-joined KMOX. - Corey Deitz

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