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Total Recorder Pro Records Your Webcasts
A Smart App For Recording Streaming Audio
I loved Total Recorder Professional Edition from High Criteria Products the minute I tried recording some audio from an MP3 I loaded into Winamp. Why? I pressed one button and it not only started recording my audio but it recorded it without distortion. Not every player can do this. With some recorders, you have to manually adjust the "STEREO MIX" of your soundcard so that the recording is not distorted.

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Total Recorder Professional Edition didn't flinch: it recorded the audio and with the touch of another button, played it back. I didn't even have to save the file first before previewing it. This is all I've ever wanted: software that assumes I'm no rocket scientist and just makes happen that which I want to happen. But, buried beneath its initial simplicity is quite a powerful software application with many options in the event I AM a rocket scientist.

Whether off the Net, a CD, a microphone or whatever else you might plug into the input of your soundcard, TRPE is designed to record any audio passing through it, including audio from games and anything else you hear in real-time.

Plus, there are a host of well thought out and useful features including a meter to monitor the volume of the input source (to eliminate a distorted recording), the ability to append a recording or insert audio into a recording at a particular position, a selection of parameters to customize your recording depending on whether you're recording from the Internet or your soundcard, and an elaborate but easy-to-use screen to schedule recordings.

Total Recorder Professional Edition creates .wav files by default. It does not come with it's own MP3 engine but will work with freeware ones like the Blade encoder or Lame Encoder. It tells you where to download them and once you have, you simply choose the one for TRPE to use. But, speaking of files, TRPE offers a “split” mode which will automatically split a recording into separate files based on each new sound format, each new stream, by minutes, by megabytes and by a percentage of sound per seconds.

A nice touch is the option to turn off sounds assigned to system events. This eliminates the possibility of spending 20 minutes recording a stream off the Net only to have those “bings”, “dings” and other annoying Windows sounds showing up in the final mix.

Total Recorder Professional Edition is a classy application. You can download a trial version for free and if you like it as much as I did, you might consider the registered version for $35.95. There is also a Standard Edition that includes less features but is only $11.95.

- Corey Deitz

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