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First Portable Internet Radio Tuner On Sale Soon
Dateline: 1/23/03
The first portable Internet radio is almost here: the InTune200 from PDT, a company based in the United Kingdom. PDT debuted their new two-part system recently in Las Vegas and hope to have the product available within a few months. The InTune200 has six distinct functions:

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  • Accesses Internet radio
  • Plays MP3s
  • Plays CDs
  • Accesses Terrestrial Radio
  • Audio Input
  • Text to speech for caller ID and email

The InTune200 has done something no other Net radio has done to date: created portability for the user that makes having an Internet radio in the home actually convenient. It does not require a hard wired RJ45 connection. The InTune200 is comprised of a base unit, which plugs into your USB port, and the tuner itself which houses a small transmitter that completes the connection back to the base. This arrangement allows for the InTune200 to be moved up to 300 feet away from the PC. Your computer can still operate separately and freely.

The InTune200 features a large back-lit LCD display which let's the user see information at-a-glance like the Radio station names, streaming data, CD track names, etc. There are 6 presets for Internet stations and 6 presets for both AM and FM bands. You can choose to listen on its internal speaker (with 4.4 watts total power) or plug in stereo headphones.

The InTune200 requires 8 C size 1.5 volt batteries which provide about 30 hours of continuous play at mid-volume. Alternately, the user has the option to plug the unit into a nearby wall socket with an AC adapter. At the time of this writing, a final retail price was not available. For additional information, you can go to globaltuner.com (see linkbox to the right).

- Corey Deitz

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