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Showprep Secrets - By Corey Deitz
Chapter 8 - Cool Software That Will Help You
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I am a big believer in software as a tool for showprep. I probably spend more time trying out programs than most people because, well, I'm just a geek that way. But, it has allowed me to recommend to you programs I know are useful.

Audio Editors and Utilities

New MultiWave http://www.multiwave.org Plays Sound samples via Hotkey. Customziable sets of soundfiles or even whole directories can be opened at once. Hotkey configuration can be saved and restored.

Quartz Studio An easy to use multi-track digital audio recorder

Pro Tools Why invest in CoolEdit Pro when you can own the free version of Pro Tools, the sound editor by simply downloading it! (Windows and MAC versions) http://www.digidesign.com/ptfree/

Advanced Call Recorder http://www.rayslab.com/call_recorder Have you ever had to do an interview on the spot and you're home? No need to run down to the studio. This program will let you record phone conversations directly to your hard drive.

Silent Bob http://www.silent-bob.de/en/long.htm It runs in the background and records all incoming music from the soundcard.

SoundPlant http://www.soundplant.org/ Soundplant 26 turns the computer keyboard into a customizable sound triggering device and realtime digital audio performance tool.

Aircheck http://www.zillenbiller.de/aircheck/ It will let you record an aircheck onto your hard drive.

Cybercorder http://skyhawktech.com/ You can use Cybercorder 2000 like a VCR to record from your radio, the internet, or any sound input. Recordings are saved as WAV or MP3 files on your PC hard disk drive, and can easily be played back from the list of completed recordings.

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