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Showprep Secrets - By Corey Deitz
Chapter 4 - Making Content Yours
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together into a final thought. Check off the paragraphs that are the most interesting and use them for your bit. And keep in mind what's most important to your listeners may not line up with the same order of paragraphs the writer has give you. Check off the paragraphs or better yet, number the sections of the article in the order YOU feel they will best be presented.

Keep in mind that writers are usually told by editors to “fill” a certain amount of space. Not everything in every article is worthy of repeating, especially on the Radio where sometimes the economy of words really is best.

Digest and Regurgitate it

Finally, when it comes to making content your own, there's a simple way of insuring that: know what you are talking about. Pre-read your content and material. Understand it. Many times, I am so familiar with the content I bring in for a show, I will skip reading it and just regurgitate, in my own words, what I already digested. This is the best way to present relatable, content to your audience.

When you truly understand what you are talking about, as opposed to reading copy, you sound real and your content is more compelling. I'm a pretty good sight-reader. Many times, I will pre-read some material and when I'm actually on-the-air, I may read a paragraph or two and then just lift my eyes and let what I have already read about it, flow out in natural conversation.

Being familiar with your showprep is the best way of all to make it your own. It's take a commitment of time before your show but, it's worth it.

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