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Showprep Secrets - By Corey Deitz
Chapter 14 - My favorite Showprep links
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Newsmax.com Late Night Liners Quick textual recap of the best one-liners from the late-night shows http://www.newsmax.com/liners.shtml

Aaaugh! A Humor Archive http://www.aaaugh.com/

Humorlinks.com When you have some time, surf over to this site and easily find new sources of showprep http://www.humorlinks.com

Links, News and More

Fark I find this site a must-visit on a daily basis. All links are user-contributed and are excellent for stories, websites, etc. http://www.fark.com/

Welcome To Madville Like Fark with lots of user contributed stories, links, etc. http://www.madville.com/

Backwash.com Similar to Fark but not as edgy. Lots of user-contributed stories, links, etc. http://www.backwash.com/breakingnews.php

Bob From Accounting Satire and Parody - great stuff to talk about on the air. For instance "Crack Whores Remember 9-11" and "Bush Challenges NASA to Put Man on Sun by End of Decade". http://www.bobfromaccounting.com/

The Daily Bull Satire and Parody http://www.thedailybull.ca/

The Wired Press Parody and Satire. Example: "PETA Gives Up Fight and Hold BBQ" http://www.thewiredpress.com/

The Specious Report Parody and Satire. Example: "The Girls of Clonaid" and "Trent Lott's Kwanza Message To The Nation" http://www.thespeciousreport.com/

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