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Showprep Secrets - By Corey Deitz
Chapter 13 - Smart Tricks, Tips, Links and Secret Goodies
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Stealing Domains

Does your competition have a particular bit that is extremely popular? Why not register the domain for it! Let's assume your competitor has a very popular bit called “My Greatest Recipes”. Everyday, he/she gets on the air and gives out a new one. Eventually, listeners want to find a recipe they heard. Now, they might go to the station's website, they might go to the show's website, if they have one, or they MIGHT just type in “mygreatestrecipes.com” because they don't listen very carefully, like so many listeners.

Now, if you owned that domain, you might have a page up there that says, “Welcome to the YOUR NAME show - heard every morning on WXXX. Thanks for coming by! Here are great links to excellent recipes.” For $35 bucks or less in registration costs, you might convert some listeners. If the station is willing to foot the bill, all the better. Once you register the domain, make sure you email your competitor just to piss him or her off, too. Imagine how they will feel every time they say the name of their favorite bit, “My Greatest Recipes”.

Here's another great trick: register domains that are similar to your competitor's website. As an example, let's say your competition is “Rock 107” and their website is “rock107.com”. You might consider registering “107rock.com” or “rokc107.com” (people make lots of typing mistakes), etc. At each domain, put up a page about YOUR station, promoting something exceptional about it. What do you have to lose? You can do the same thing with the name of your competitor's radio show.

Get the Wireless Flash for Free

The “Wireless Flash” is an excellent news service for kicker news items. It's available to Radio stations through a barter arrangement. Now, I don't understand what their deal is with the printed media, but the same stories that Radio stations swap air-time for, appear in at least one online location daily. That's right: NCBuy.com posts the new stuff everyday, without delay. http://ncbuy.com/news/wireless_news.html


Newsgroups, once the rage, are sometimes overlooked today. Oddly enough, it's easier than ever to access them. If you go to http://www.google.com and click on “Group” from the main page, you can search for any topic of interest and see what real people are saying about it. (Unfortunately, there's an Australian “showprep” group which hasn't had much input since 1999)

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