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Showprep Secrets - By Corey Deitz
Chapter 10 - Getting The Most Out Of Free Mailing Lists & Newsletters
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Mailing lists are a gift from the Gods to Radio people. Imagine: there are individuals working day and night - around the globe - who want nothing more than to send YOU - free of charge - compilations of material. Of course, some of it is just junk. But, a whole lot of it is excellent material for showprep.

Many websites you visit on a regular basis probably offer newsletters. These are designed to let you know what's new at these addresses. But, if you already go to them on a regular basis, why do you need to clog your inbox with those?

The newsletters and mailing lists you should be more interested in are the ones that are maintained independently for the sheer purpose of the subject(s) they focus on, whatever that may be. The ones that are put out by hobbyists and enthusiasts are the best because these people do it out of love for their subject. That means you are going to receive information that is usually correct and timely. But, more importantly, these people usually have an understanding for the subject(s) far better than you might because this is their passion.

So, let them do the work. You just subscribe. What's the worst that can happen? You pick a loser and it's not what you thought. So, unsubscribe! What you want to try and do is subscribe to the optimal amount of excellent newsletters and mailing lists that coincide with the amount of time you have to review them. This is something you will have to figure out.

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, but I don't always read them all right away. I have set up filters in my email program to place certain ones in certain folders until I'm ready to view them. This kind of organization, although simple, does keep it easier to prep. I don't feel overwhelmed by email after email sitting in my inbox.

So, where do you start?

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