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Today In Radio History

October 20

On this day in 1906 Dr. Lee DeForest demonstrated the electrical vaccuum radio tube.

On this day in 1908 Arlene Francis was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She appeared on radio and TV in most notabley the show called "What's My Line?".

On this day in 1930 the "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" premiered on the NBC Radio Network.

On this day in 1947 the radio rights to the World Series were sold for three years for $475,000.

On this day in 1973 the Family Station Inc. purchased shortwave station WNYW, changed the call letters to WYFR & moved it from New York City to Scituate, Massachusetts.

On this day in 2007, it was announced that Alan Coren had died, age 69. Coren was best known for being the team captain on the long-running BBC quiz show "Call My Bluff" and for a 32 year run on Radio 4's "The News Quiz".

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