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Brother Wease - A Profile of Radio Personality Brother Wease

Profiles of Popular and Extraordinary Radio Personalities

Personal: Real name is Alan Levin. Born November 1, 1946. He's been married three times and has six children. His third and current wife is Doreen.

Hobbies: Wease is a motorcycle and poker enthusiast.

Radio: Brother Wease is synonomous wih Rochester, New York radio. He has worked at various stations including WCMF-FM for 23 years and WBUF-FM. Wease also has worked on XM Satellite Radio's "Virus" channel.

Brother Wease is now employed at 95.1 The Fox in Rochester doing "The Wease Show".

Claim to Fame: Was an emcee for Woodstock '94 and Woodstock 1999.

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