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Let Radio Help Teach You About Diabetes
November is National Diabetes Month
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If you are a diabetic and you want to learn more about your condition, the Internet can be extremely helpful and your source of information does not have to be solely text! There are various Web-based Radio resources available for you to listen to for additional information about this disease.

Walgreens.com offers a program entitled "New Treatment Options For Diabetes" hosted by Chris DeChant from Aware Talk Radio. It covers signs, symptoms, new treatments on the horizon and more.

BAPAC.org, The Black American Political Association of California offers a radio program, BAPAC Radio that features Shafeeq S.Shamsid-Deen, M.D., a medical practitioner who talks about Diabetes and its effect on health.

During National Diabetic Month, you can help raise awareness by suggesting to your local radio station it consider airing some Public Service Announcements. It's easy and fast. You can find some PSAs on the web already written for radio. Just send the page link to the Program Director, News Director or Public Service Director at the station or cut and paste them into an email.

Your Radio Guide
- Corey Deitz (Diabetes Type II)

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