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Pamela Anderson Tells Howard Stern She Will Do New Radio Show Topless

Dateline: 10/20/03


Move over, "Naked News," Pamela Anderson, speaking on the "Howard Stern Show" in New York this past Friday morning, revealed she'll be doing her upcoming Sirius satellite radio show "Club Pam" topless.

The hour-long weekly show, which premieres live October 24 at 5:00PM EDT, broadcasts live from Anderson's bedroom in Los Angeles.

In addition to partial nudity, Anderson's show will feature personal advice, anecdotes, interviews, call-ins, and bedtime stories.

During the show, Pamela will speak intimately, and one-on-one, to her fans, as if they have been invited into her home to lounge in her playroom. Fans will hear what she’s been up to in her public and private life, and be able to call in to speak with her directly to share in her favorite things. Pamela might even play a song or two!

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