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Michael Jackson

Will The Real Michael Jackson Please Stand Up?


With all the world wondering what will happen next with Michael Jackson and the allegations of child molestation he now faces, it's the perfect time to mention a few web destinations you might be interested in.

Oh, pity poor Michael Jackson.  No, I don't mean the singer.  I'm referring to Radio talk-show host, Michael Jackson.  No doubt the name he shares with the famous singer constantly confuses and throws people. 

But, there's no mistaking THIS Michael Jackson from Michael Jackson, the singer because THIS Radio Michael Jackson is very white and quite gray-haired (as opposed to the other Michael Jackson who, although seems very white as well, uses much more lipstick and rouge.)

THIS Michael Jackson has been a mainstay in Los Angeles for years and you can find out more about this talented Radio personality at MichaelJacksonTalkRadio.com.

Talk-show host Michael Jackson is also in the Radio Hall of Fame.  He was inducted in 2003.  Here's a short profile of Michael Jackson.

If you're looking for some Michael Jackson music, you would think surfing over to MichaelJacksonRadio.com would be a smart choice.  Oddly, the stream featured at this website is really "Club 977 - The '80s Channel".  It's not a bad stream - and you'll hear some Jackson music - it's just a little deceptive, considering the domain where it resides.   


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