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A VCR for Radio: RPR - The Radio Program Recorder

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The Bottom Line

RPR - The Radio Program Recorder is a high-end product, constructed of quality components designed for true radio enthusiasts.


  • Excellent digital quality
  • Well constructed and sturdy brand-name hardware
  • Easy portability with convenient carry case


  • Slightly higher learning curve


  • AM/FM digital receiver, Panasonic Recorder, SoundFeeder wireless FM transmitter.
  • Designed to fit into convenient carry-case, which also houses needed cables and wires.
  • Detailed instructions provided. In addition, company website offers free listening guides.
  • Recorder: timer, fast advance, playback speeds
  • Radio: Digitally tuned, volume control, 10 presets each band
  • FM Transmitter: Transmit range 4-6 feet, Tunable from 88-95MHz
  • Prices for systems begin at $99

Guide Review - A VCR for Radio: RPR - The Radio Program Recorder

RPR is a higher-end product designed for radio enthusiasts or business people who travel or have circumstances where it's preferable to be able to record favorite radio programs. The system's three components work together to provide a compact solution for doing this. To record a program, certain steps must be taken which requires the user to learn RPR's procedures. These are well documented. The process may seem a little cumbersome at first, (you don't just press one button) but this probably becomes second nature with use. All in all, a lot of thought has gone into RPR and if you enjoy radio and never want to miss your favorite program, this product is worth your consideration.

8/3/04 Update: It appears the website for the manufacturer of this product is not accessible as of this date.

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