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Pirate Radio

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Pirate Radio Software Box

Pirate Radio CD ROM package

Pirate Radio

The Bottom Line

Pirate Radio is actually the latest version of the RadioDestiny broadcaster. It has now been packaged quite nicely with a simple, yet functional interface.


  • Easy to set up your own Radio station
  • Can switch from pre-recorded to live quickly
  • Minimum requirements easy to meet


  • To reach larger audience, you will need broadband
  • You'll need to know a little bit about IP address
  • Enclosed documentation skimpy but docs are online


  • Setup is quick: Pick a playlist of mp3 files or broadcast live with a mike in your soundcard.
  • Input your settings, establish your IP address and bitrate, press BEGIN and you are on the air!
  • End users must have the Destiny Media Player, which is free.
  • Just $29.95 for personal use.

Guide Review - Pirate Radio

The Pirate Radio package puts Internet broadcasting into the palm of the common person, whether a 16-year-old teenager who wants to stream his favorite songs to his girlfriend on a Friday night or the senior citizen who wishes to upload a recorded show about tending a summer garden. It doesn't get any easier than this! The interface is simple and intuitive. Pirate Radio is similar to Shoutcasts' process except easier. With Shoutcast you must configure Winamp (since it broadcasts using that platform), download some additional software doo-dads and tinker with it more. Having done this in the past, I appreciate the simplicity of Pirate Radio and its setup. Pirate Radio empowers anybody with the ability to reach the world on a shoestring.
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 3 out of 5
Destiny Radio Broadcaster 3, Member Frevol

I have my btoadcaster 3 since 2005. I had it running for a while for the player and my website. I shut it down for a few years since it was just a hobby. Now I have more time, I put it up again (Konpa Music Radio in the Mixed Format). You can check it out. I am only playing music for now. I want to use it for business now and I don't find a way to broadcast live phone calls with it. If you or anyone else know how to accomplish this task, , would you, please, advise me of it, since it will serve for a lot of people too. That a very good product with its limitation considering its price.

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