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Liberal Radio Is Rushing Ahead!

Dateline: 10/22/03


For a long time - years really - American Liberals have wondered why they didn't have as big a voice on Radio as the conservatives. This may soon change.

I.E. America provides several Radio personalities, distributed via satellite to Radio stations, who provide more liberal points of view. Suzanne Gougherty, the General Manager, writes at its website I.E. America is, "the nation's only progressive radio network producing and distributing political talk for the rest of America."

Brit Hume at Fox News recently reported on Sheldon Drobny, a multi-millionaire Liberal who is funding the first 24-hour Liberal radio network. Drobny,  under the corporate umbrella of newly formed, AnShell Media,  has committed some $10 million dollars to the venture which is supposed to begin providng between 14 to 16 hours-a-day of programming as early as January, 2004.

RadioLeft.com went live May, 2001 and produces two hours of conversation daily which is then repeated.

On a much smaller scale, OutrageRadio.com will soon start up, an internet Radio show that bills itself as "Liberal talk with an attitude." At the moment, plans are for a 1-hour-a-week show. It's not much, but it's a start.

Here's how it describes itself:

"When two fed up liberals decided to take on big media, OutrageRadio.com was born. Founded by James Linkin and Michael Tulipan, OutrageRadio is talk radio at its most political and entertaining. ...OutrageRadio is an outlet for the disenchanted, the disillusioned, and the just plain angry. It is the continuation of a movement to oppose the current administration and its right wing agenda. And it is also the beginning of a larger, anti-media determined to stand up to a mainstream media that abjectly fail to serve the needs of everyday Americans."

If you visit their website, there's an audio promo you can listen to which may give you a sense of what this program will be like.

Can Liberal Radio succeed in the same way today's conservative-dominated Talk Radio has? There are certainly very successful individual hosts both locally and nationally who subscribe to that political agenda.  If so, then why has taken this long for the idea to take root?

If supply and demand dictates successful Radio programming, one has to wonder why demand - if there is one - hasn't created the supply before now? This will be something to watch - or in this case, listen for.

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