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Radio Casualty "Bubba The Love Sponge" Promises To Return Uncensored And Uncut

Dateline: 03/03/04


"Bubba The Love Sponge", the Florida-based Radio personality whose syndicated show was recently terminated by Clear Channel, is promising - or to some maybe it's more like he's threatening - to come back uncensored and uncut.

The two alternatives left to him at the moment are either streaming across the Internet or satellite radio. The webcasting option would afford him the most freedom, being that 'Net content is not regulated by the F.C.C.

Satellite radio might also be a good outlet for his type of program because it is subscriber-based and similarly to cable, not subject to the restrictions of terrestrial radio. (Although, one member of the F.C.C. recently suggested the regulatory body might have more power over satellite content than previously thought, considering satellite radio is also licensed by the agency. This remains to be seen.)

The bubbaarmy.com website says:

“Coming Soon...Bubba The Love Sponge Live Broadcasting UNCENSORED...UNCUT...Stay Tuned”

The website is also asking fans to contract either XM or Sirius satellite radio to let both companies know that they would like Bubba to be carried on their subscription services.

The update at the website continues:

“We had held out hope for a return to over-the-air radio, but that won't be happening anytime soon. ...Unfortunately, due to the current realities of the radio marketplace, and in particular the fear that has been struck into every major broadcast group by the overbearing FCC, it is not feasible for us to return to terrestrial (over-the-air) radio at this time.”

“Most importantly, it's imperative that you contact your elected officials and let them know that the bullying being done by the FCC must stop now....First Bubba, now Howard Stern... who's next? Where will it end? Let's take action now so we don't have to find out how much the government plans to encroach on our individual freedoms.”

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