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Philly Cops Nab Man Posing As DJ Who Lured Teenager

Dateline: 1/25/04


William J. Passarella Jr

William J. Passarella Jr

WPVI-TV, Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Enquirer is reporting Philadelphia police and U.S. Marshals have arrested a man who is suspected of posing as a Radio deejay, duping a 17-year-old teenage girl into believing she had won an on-air contest and then luring her to his home.

Arrested was William J. Passarella Jr., 23, on various charges including kidnapping, corruption of a minor, indecent assault and others.

The events began earlier this week when WIOQ-FM offered Britney Spears tickets on-the-air to the 102nd caller. The teen called the station and police say Passarella intercepted the call using an array of telephonic and electronic equipment, found at his home.

Passarella then allegedly told the teenager she had won the tickets, $1,000, and a chance to be a station intern. He then offered to pick her up to claim her prize.

Passarella brought the teen to his home where she told police she observed various types of telephone equipment. She alleges Passarella then offered her money for sex several times but she refused. She asked to be taken home but Passarella held her against her will for several hours until he finally relented.

WIOQ-FM also known as "Philly's #1 Hit Music Station!", could not be reached for comment.

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