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Cleveland Radio Sportscaster Going To Jail For DUI

Dateline: 1/12/04


According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, WTAM-AM sportscaster, Chuck Galeti has been found guilty of driving under the influence, drug possession and other charges.

Galeti spent over a decade as a sportscaster with Cleveland television station WKYC before moving to WTAM-AM in July, 2003.

This is his 3rd DUI conviction and under the law, must serve a mandatory jail sentence of up to one year.

His sentencing date has not yet been set.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports Galeti was driving drunk last August when he veered off the road, smacked a mailbox, hit a telephone pole and then left the scene.

Charges included: DUI, resisting arrest, driving on a suspended license, hit-and-run, and drug possession (marijuana).

Galeti was quoted as saying: "I've hurt a lot of people, my family, my friends," he said. "My kids, I've hurt them bad. . . . I've lost everything."

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